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JA Energy provides a unique opportunity to those who wish to maximize their investment return while making the world a better, safer, healthier place. Learn more

Our System

A self-contained, fully automated, climate controlled Modular Distillation Unit (MDU) that can be dropped anywhere in the world to produce ethanol from locally grown crops. Learn more

Our Mission

One fourth of the world’s population lives without access to reliable, affordable energy and the quality of life it provides. We aim to change that. Learn more

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Welcome to JA Energy

Renewable energy is a viable and worthwhile business opportunity. With JA Energy’s patented group of technologies a small farming village can create fuel, electricity, and income from as little as 95 acres of cropland. A dependable energy supply can mean improved health, self-sufficiency, and fuller participation on the world stage.

“Jobs, Food, and Prosperity”

JA Energy’s integrated solutions are not just for rural applications. Used in an urban context they can create jobs and high quality food crops for local distribution — prosperity with dignity, and all from nature!

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